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     Welcome to Chris's Dishes, and I am Chris!  I was born and raised in Southern California until I joined the United States Army at the age of 18. I spent 20 years serving my country as an Infantry-man and in the Military Police Corps. After being deployed for (6) combat tours (2 in Iraq & 4 in Afghanistan). I, like many Veterans, found myself struggling to find stability, peace, and a sense of continued services in a post active-duty Army life.  I wanted to continue to serve in a way that would bring joy to me and to those around me.  So, with the support of my wife I went to a local Culinary School and became educated in both savory and pastry arts. 

     I have worked at the French Ambassador’s Residences(Georgetown); catering for the Ambassador and his guests and also worked at the French Embassy in Washington, DC creating exquisite dishes for special events such as Bastille Day and the Beaujolais Wine Fete.

      I also support special events at The Blair House (also known as The President's Guest House) in Washington, D.C. where I create American Cuisine for Foreign Dignitaries who visit the President of the United States.

Chris’s Dishes strives to bring you a complete in-home dining experience by bringing the freshest local products right to your table, sourcing your food straight from the farm or Veteran-Owned stores and local vendors.  

     We will not only help you plan your event, but we are able to also create a unique décor element for your event.  You can finally be the guest at your own in-home event when our team does the decorating.  

Why Family Supported?  During my time in the Army when units deploy the family is left home to support each other. For me, it was important to support the families of our military by hiring them to work together while at your event! 

     OH him?  The handsome furry missile!  That is Avery and he is my service dog.  He typically accompanies me to the farm, farmers market, or where ever I go to shop for your event.  Between my family, Avery the Service Dog and going to culinary school it turned my life into something more meaningful!


See You Soon!


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