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Client Testimonials

What people are saying!


As PenFed’s CEO, I eat out several hundred times a year. My most memorable meal of 2018 was a dinner party for which I hired Chris Chavez to prepare as our Executive Chef. Chef Chris’ unique preparations of beef and duck with the perfect sides were truly spectacular, memorable and highly recommended for others to enjoy. Chris’s Dishes are a must-have dining experience.


Jim O’Farrell


I give Chris’s Dishes my highest recommendation as a personal chef, caterer and most importantly, as a person. Chef Chris is talented beyond measure and always creates delicious meals for my family and me. From the first time we met, it has been obvious that he cares deeply about creating superior menus that aren’t just food on a plate, but experiences to be remembered for years to come. And beyond his amazing creativity with food, Chef Chris is a person of Character, who participates in our local community on a regular basis. For example, he recently gave up his limited free time to teach high school students enrolled in the Culinary Arts program. On another occasion, he volunteered to help feed our high school lacrosse team at their weekly team dinner. It is Chef Chris’s combination of culinary skills, client-first attitude and dedication to our community that makes him who he is. For Chef Chris, it’s obvious that the Mission is more than creating wonderful food…it’s about nourishing our community.

Nicole Malachowski

USAF (Ret.)

Chris Chavez is more than a Chef, he's a lifesaver! At a time when my family was enduring major unexpected changes, his personal chef services brought us much needed help and balance. His personalized chef services ensured my family consistent, nutritious, and delicious food. Chef Chris went above and beyond to adapt his recipes to our dietary needs and even included my children in the recipe selection and food preparation.  we had to move and can assure his services are badly missed by our whole family.


Josh C.

Fort Knox, KY

Chris orchestrated a wonderful meal at our residence on Fort Knox, KY. The food was perfect. He was very entertaining while preparing the meal as well. We were able to watch him prepare things and he also gave instruction while preparing homemade pasta for one dish. We were thankful he provides such a wonderful service to veterans at no cost. His dedication to fellow vets is as consistent as his drive to maintain his love for cooking! I highly recommend him to anyone looking to have a wonderful evening with great company and a delicious meal fit for a king!

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